Thursday, May 4, 2006

It's Ask Jack Thursday!!!!!

This is a rare personal photo of Deborah Harry from the Jack M. historical archives. Ignore the fact that someone else (Mick Rock?) has copyrighted it. I lost the rights to most of my rock and roll memorabilia during a 1981 cocaine and heroin showdown/bet with Keith Richards. There's no telling where any of that stuff is now.

Which should serve as a lesson to you kids at home. I was a noted blog celebrity even before the Internet was invented! Do you think that's an easy trick? Oh no. You have to work hard to convince people that when an as yet undefined future technology is made readily accessable to people in their homes, that you will rise to dominate it based on your innate talents that have, as of 1979, not yet been given an outlet. That's a hard feat to pull off, my friends.

Is it any wonder, then, that my life became one of random encounters in alley ways with punk rock women? Or that the booze and the drugs were a necessary escape from the burden of my own stardom?

In other words...don't try this at home. If Jack M. can teach you a life lesson it's that Celebrity should only be attempted/wielded by Celebrities. But I don't want to get all preachy, here.

Seeing this photo after so much time brings back so many memories of that long, hot summer of 1979. And in reminds me that there are too few words to describe the rapturous bliss that will forever be associated in my memory with that summer.

But try I will! It is Ask Jack Thursday after all, so if you ask I will answer (provided you get your question in prior to Haloscan Midnight on Saturday).

After all, it's what I do.

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